The Drowning Isle, Chapter Three - The Foundation

A new agent at Northshore settles in. Zoe begins her research into Valdes Island. 

Featuring Kelsey Ranshaw as Zoe, Alina Blackett as Marie, Starlise Waschuk as Claire, David Johnston as Dennis, Graham Miles as Hollis, Darren Hopwood as Gary, Rachel Kent as Bev, Jameson Trenholm as Eddie, Natascha Schulmeister as Gen and Dayleigh Nelson as Henry. Featuring music by Dustin Clark and Jesse Charles Cowell

The Drowning Isle, Chapter One - The Messenger

A review of events leading up to and including the two incidents on the night of October 3rd, 2016, as documented by Northshore Consulting, Pacific Division.

Featuring the voices of Kelsey Ranshaw as Zoe, Graham Miles as Hollis, Starlise Waschuk as Zoe, Dayleigh Nelson as Morrison and Henry, Natascha Schulmeister as Gen, Jameson Trenholm as Eddie, Rachel Kent as the Waitress and Andy Garland as the Bartender.

Featuring music by Obscene Being and instrumental tracks by Dustin Clark and Jesse Charles Cowell.

The Drowning Isle, Prologue - The Last Ten Months

A collection of recorded occurrences during Zoe DeBiers’ return to Vancouver, dated from December 2015 to October 2016.

Featuring Kelsey Ranshaw as Zoe, Starlise Waschuk as Claire, Jarret Viczko as Arthur, Dayleigh Nelson as Morrison, Graham Miles as Hollis, Alina Blackett as Marie, and featuring the voices of Richard Meen, Rachel Kent, Jameson Trenholm and Andy Garland.

Chapter Thirteen - Northshore

In our season finale, Morrison and Claire present their findings to Management and complete their initial investigation into the incident at Duggan Hill.

Featuring Dayleigh Nelson as Morrison, Jarret Viczko as Arthur, Starlise Waschuk as Claire, David Johnston as 911, Denise Ding as Josephine, Kelsey Ranshaw as Zoe and Natascha Schulmeister as Sasha.

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