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On a back country road outside the hamlet of Duggan Hill, Saskatchewan, a woman named Sasha Ismond goes missing without a trace.  

She had been travelling from Vancouver for the past day, and was mere minutes away from her father's home.

The last person she spoke to was her former partner, Zoe, a journalism student at the University of British Columbia. 

This is a collection of recovered audio recordings from the subsequent investigation into her disappearance, recorded during the summer of 2015.

Duggan Hill is created by Andy Garland and produced by Time Signal Productions. 


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Duggan Hill’s Second Season

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Find the Drowning Isle

Amidst the rain-slicked streets of Vancouver, a survivor struggles to leave the nightmares behind.

In the sterile, secure and unlisted labs of Northshore Consulting, surveillance and testing continues around the clock.

And on the quiet, remote shores of Valdes Island, a man walks out of the Pacific Ocean to deliver a chilling message:

This isn’t over.

The Drowning Isle is created by Andy Garland and produced by Time Signal Productions, premiering on October 31st 2018.


The Cast


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All episodes written, directed and edited by Andy Garland.


We really couldn't do this without you.

Music AND ART!

When this show was still a rowdy little idea, Johnnie Ninety-Nine sat down and composed the theme song we open and close each episode with.

Dustin Clark is a wicked-good composer and provides terrific background music for each episode. He also makes movies!

For the Drowning Isle, we’re also showcasing the musical stylings of Jesse Charles Cowell.

Our main logo was drawn by the talented Kara LaRose.

Special thanks to!

The Vancouver Public Library, whose Inspiration Lab provides the space and resources to make this show possible.


Cayley Western, Doug Bostic, Dylan J Burakiewicz, Emily Campbell, Helen Clifford, Jeff Lanham, Jeremy Sauls, Mari, Matthew Staton, saraangelicafrihet, Shannon Coursey and Tomb Juice